The kick-off meeting was organised on September 16-18 2015, at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. The meeting was held in collaboration with the B-CAST consortium, because BRIDGES will closely work together with this H2020 project. Both BRIDGES and B-CAST will be enriching the breast cancer database compiled by the Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC); BRIDGES by adding data on heritable genetic variation in rare breast cancer susceptibility genes, B-CAST by adding data on somatically acquired genetic mutations in tumours in a set of cancer genes. Ultimately, the data from both projects will be utilised in a statistical model that can calculate individualised risk scores to develop certain (sub)types of breast cancer. During the meeting the goals of the project and the planning for activities in the coming year were discussed. The kick-off meeting was finalized with a symposium “The path to improve breast cancer prevention and prognostication”. (Programme of the symposium)